Always taking the road less travelled, Marilyn Manson`s ongoing critique of his homeland and the culture it has spawned, allied with some of the darkest and most extraordinary rock music of the modern age, has resulted in this maverick performer, songwriter, actor and all-round media agitator remaining among the most controversial figures of the age. Close to the Edge traces the incredible journey taken by the boy born Brian Warner, from his earliest years growing up in small town USA, through his first musical forays with the Spooky Kids, his subbsequent global success as a bona fide rock star and the huge media intrigue that has followed his every move since, to his settlement into the mainstream - albeit a mainstream which, in many ways, has been forced to adapt its parameters to Manson`s game plan. Featuring contributions from many close collaborators, rare film footage, archive interviews and location shoots, which all together make for the most enlightening film on Marilyn Manson yet to emerge.

Schauspieler: Marilyn Manson

Genre/Thema: Musik, Musik-Biographien, Hardrock
Tonformat: Stereo:
Bildformat: 4:3
Ländercode: 0
Altersklasse: Infoprogramm
Vertrieb: CMS Constructive Media Service
Bestellnummer: jk373448
Laufzeit: ca. 60 Min.
Preis: 23.- CHF


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