The Story of “Use your Illusion” Coming like a bolt out of the blue amidst on otherwise tepid and uninspiring era for rock music, Guns N` Roses 1987 début album was quite literally a life-changing release for many music fans. But while this stunning record was then, and still is now, the band`s defining statement, it should not be forgotten that in its wake came the most ambitious recording project that any group had undertaken since the rock age began. The two double albums that made up the “Use your Illusion” collection, released on the same day in September 1991, set GnR apart from any other rock band on the planet. Choc-full as they were of brilliant tracks and pure pumping adrenalin, these records, the numerous videos they spawned and the 28-month record breaking tour that complimented their release, are the stuff of legend. This film looks in detail at this era of Guns N` Roses career and with the help of exclusive and archive interviews, rare performance footage, contributions from these who worked closely with the group during this period, and a host of other features, gets to the heart of this incredible time for the band specifically and for rock `n` roll more generally.

Schauspieler: Guns N` Roses

Genre/Thema: Musik
Altersklasse: Infoprogramm
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